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FRESH: Smoker’s #1 Best Way to Quit Gradually

With over 70,000+ Users and counting, Fresh is the most effective and trusted cigarette filter on the market.

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We are experts in smoking cessation products. Our FAQs page may answer some of your questions about FRESH.

Our Customer Service Is Available

Our customer service is also available to ask your important questions that you need answers too.
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Arista Lab Document

Our lab report is online and contains valuable information. See the positive results showing that FRESH filters reduce harmful chemicals.

All The Information You Need

Review the details in our laboratory document. The chart will quickly show all the test results for the Fresh Cigarette Filtration System.
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View Our Video

The video shows why Fresh filter tips are a benefit for smokers to cut back on cigarette smoking or quit completely.

See Our Video With Narration

Our video explains the negative effects of smoking and why it is important to use Fresh filter tips if you are a smoker. Watch and learn!
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