Everyone knows that smoking kills many individuals each year, and is responsible for approximately 1 in 5 premature deaths in the US. In the USA, 70% report that they want to quit, according to the Centers for Disease Control, and 23 million try to quit every year. The average person that smokes with an addiction to nicotine will attempt to quit 8 to 10 times. Nicotine addiction is difficult to beat but NOT impossible.

The following technology methods are very helpful for people that want to quit or “cut back” from smoking:


Fresh Filters are the top choice for the newest quit smoking technology. Fresh Filters are not labeled as an electronic device or a smart phone app BUT they are an amazing technology designed to clearly help smokers quit or “cut back” on their smoking habit. The Fresh Filters are a simple device designed to fit on the end of a cigarette paper filter. The Fresh Filter is a high tech design that comes with micro holes that effectively filter out a large percentage of tar and nicotine. The Fresh filter is designed to precisely capture and collect the dangerous smoke particles that contain dangerous and harmful chemicals before they enter the human body. Finally, Fresh Filters compared with other quit smoking products is VERY AFFORDABLE aka cheap.


Smart phone apps are helps smokers to follow a structured quit plan from a smartphone. Apps such as Quitters Circle or Chrono Therapeutics are very easy to download and use. These apps provide helpful tips on quitting smoking and send reminders for important dates, such as a quit date and your healthcare info. The Quitters Circle app also encourages you stay motivated by tracking your quit smoking progress, tallying how many days you’ve not smoked and especially how much money you’ve saved by quitting. The Chrono app comes with a added (NRT) device attached to your skin that uses wireless technology to communicate with the app on a smart phone and deliver nicotine into the body at certain interval times to help you slowly quit. The Chrono App claims that nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) is one method used to help smokers quit, but conventional NRT does not match craving cycles, leading to 6 month efficacy of less than 20% for each smoker.


Using social media to stay connected for a successful quitting plan may be a positive approach. While social media is relatively a new area of study, research has shown that social media can be helpful in quitting smoking. Invite your loved ones to use the social media channels, so they can join or follow your progress and send encouragements when you need it. Using social media for your quit journey is also a good idea as additional means of quitting by meeting other people who are going through similar experiences.


What if you don’t have time for a doctor’s visit or don’t have a general practitioner that you see regularly? Telemedicine allows you to have a virtual appointment with healthcare provider anywhere or at more convenient times. During the Telemedicine video appointment, you and the healthcare provider can create a tailored quit plan and see if quit smoking medications are right for you. A counselor is also available for emotional support while you quit. All that’s needed is a phone, tablet or laptop and an Internet connection. Telemedicine is not available in all states. Check with your health insurance provider about coverage for telemedicine appointments.


From simple rubber bracelets that count your daily steps to the most high-tech smartwatches, consumers have a variety of options for digital accessories that help track their health and fitness. But you may be wondering how these gadgets can aid your quit. During your quit, you can use these devices to monitor your daily heart rate, seeing how your vitals improve over time, or use the diet and fitness trackers to help stay on target with your health goals.