Designed and manufactured for quality and reliability.

Designed to be Effective

The basic design of the FRESH cigarette filter filtration system is the small green colored plastic cartridge. When a smoker inhales or takes a puff or a drag of smoke through the filter tip the cigarette smoke enters small air holes inside the colored cartridge. Harmful chemicals including tar are trapped within the cigarette filter filtration tip area.


Designed to See Results

The FRESH Filter fits perfectly as an extended part of a regular cigarette filter tip. The FRESH Filter is virtually undetectable and unnoticeable with a clear plastic design. The filter is also designed with a clear plastic casing that allows the smoker to see the tar and nicotine being collected inside the filter. FRESH filters have a patented multi-hole design.


Designed for Comfort

FRESH is a mechanical filter made of nontoxic plastic that removes over 90% of tar and nicotine found in cigarettes. The tip is designed and manufactured for smoking comfort which gives a very nice feel in the mouth or lips while reducing the harmful effects of tobacco. FRESH is a smoking cessation product using the latest technology.