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FRESH welcomes your questions or comments so we can build a trusted business relationship and help you cut back or quit smoking cigarettes!

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440A White Horse Pk., Atco, New Jersey 08004
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FRESH accepts credit cards and Paypal. We do not accept cash or money orders. FRESH does not auto ship or auto charge.
Shipping: FRESH ships only in the US and Canada.
FRESH has a 100% satisfaction policy.
If not completely satisfied just return the unused portion of FRESH within 30 days for a complete refund of the purchase price.
Ship to: 440A White Horse Pk., Atco, New Jersey 08004 USA

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Our Top Priorities

  • Provide the best product to help smokers cut back or quit smoking.
  • Provide good advice for smokers.
  • Answer any questions or comments about FRESH.
  • Provide the best product at the lowest price.
  • Care for and consider what’s best for the environment.