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FRESH Filters are without a doubt the cheapest method for quitting smoking!

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Fresh is the cheapest cessation method.

Smoking Cessation Cost Overview: There are all kinds of Patches, Gum, Nasal Sprays, Lozenges to quit smoking. Only FRESH is the most effect and cheapest method.

FRESH – Tar & Nicotine Filters
PROS: Filters put nothing in your body. Instead they remove Tar and Nicotine from your cigarettes.
CONS: FRESH must be used consistently to be effective
COST: Starting at $4.00 a pack / week for Smokers Club Members

PROS: No dangerous substances. Hypnosis helps increase your concentration to stop smoking.
CONS: Does not work for most people. Requires a “Cold Turkey” plan of action to work.
COST: Several Hundred dollars

Nicotine Smoking Cessation Aids (Patches, etc…)
PROS: They are available without a prescription and replace the Nicotine.
CONS: First you have to quit smoking. Use of these products while you are still smoking WILL make you sick.
COST: Expensive $40.00 + weekly

PROS: Acupressure supposedly helps increase your resistance to smoking.
CONS: There are no reliable figures or studies of successful cases.
COST: Variable (usually expensive)

Prescription Medication (Chantix, etc…)
PROS: They are available with a prescription and replace the Nicotine.
CONS: Dangerous Side Effects!
COST: Expensive $300.00 + weekly

Herbal Products
PROS: They are Natural compounds and are non-toxic?
CONS: There is no scientific proof that these work. Could be dangerous.
COST: From $60.00 + / Weekly