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Arista Lab Report – Fresh is the ONLY lab tested filter.

FRESH is a Smoking Cessation product.  ONLY FRESH offers independent lab testing that proves that FRESH cigarette filtration system is effective. View the lab results below or click here to download the PDF.

Tar and Nicotine levels reduced by 90%.

You can clearly see in the Arista Lab Tests that when FRESH Filters are used with cigarettes that there is a significant reduction in Tar & Nicotine for the smoker.  The Arista Report is good news for smokers!

  • Reduced Main-Stream / Total Particulate Matter (MS TPM) (mg/per cigarette).
  • Reduced Carbon Monoxide (CO) (mg/per cigarette).
  • Reduced Tar and Nicotine levels by 90% (mg/per cigarette).
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Arista Lab Document

Our lab report is online and contains valuable information. See the positive results showing that FRESH filters reduce harmful chemicals.

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Review the details in our laboratory document. The chart will quickly show all the test results for the Fresh Cigarette Filtration System.
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The video shows why Fresh filter tips are a benefit for smokers to cut back on cigarette smoking or quit completely.

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