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What are FRESH Filters?

The FRESH cigarette filter lets a smoker continue to smoke, but uses a mechanical filter to remove tar, nicotine and other harmful chemicals from the cigarette smoke. FRESH filter reduces tar and nicotine without changing the cigarette tobacco taste. Scientifically developed, FRESH Filters, help reduce nicotine, tar and the health risks associated with smoking with every filter.

The (BEFORE and AFTER) picture to the left shows what a filter looks like after smoking 5 to 6 cigarettes as the tar is captured inside the filter.

When a smoker inhales using the filter – the mini holes in the green insert separate or “squeeze” the smoke causing the sticky tar particles to accumulate inside the filter tip.  The FRESH filter reduces tar and nicotine yet preserves the tobacco flavor and does not increase harshness.

Designed and manufactured for quality and reliability.

Designed to be Effective

The basic design of the FRESH cigarette filter filtration system is the small green colored plastic cartridge. When a smoker inhales or takes a puff or a drag of smoke through the filter tip the cigarette smoke enters small air holes inside the colored cartridge. Harmful chemicals including tar are trapped within the cigarette filter filtration tip area.


Designed to See Results

The FRESH Filter fits perfectly as an extended part of a regular cigarette filter tip.  The FRESH Filter is virtually undetectable and unnoticeable with a clear plastic design.  The filter is also designed with a clear plastic casing that allows the smoker to see the tar and nicotine being collected inside the filter.  FRESH filters have a patented multi-hole design.


Designed for Comfort

FRESH is a mechanical filter made of nontoxic plastic that removes over 90% of tar and nicotine found in cigarettes.  The tip is designed and manufactured for smoking comfort which gives a very nice feel in the mouth or lips while reducing the harmful effects of tobacco. FRESH is a smoking cessation product using the latest technology.

How are FRESH Filters better quality than other cigarette tar filter tips?

Those who have tried FRESH Filters have come to the positive conclusion that they really work.  Many smokers who are trying to cut back or stop smoking have become loyal to FRESH after trying other low quality imitation products that unfortunately do not remove as much tar and nicotine as FRESH does.  Smokers that buy FRESH Filters in stores or online or other retail tobacco shops simply rave about them. So if you are looking to lighten the “load” of a cigarette loaded with tar, nicotine and chemicals, then we highly recommend FRESH.  DO NOT be fooled by other ineffective and inferior smoking cessation products that will take your money and worse not help you quit or cut-back on smoking.  Beware of inferior products that may harm your health.  FRESH Filters out perform other filters in many ways – see below:

  • Only FRESH cuts the Tar & Nicotine by over 90% while improving the taste.
  • Only FRESH reduces Tar & Nicotine in a pack into what’s found in just one cigarette.
  • The Filter adds no chemicals and doesn’t change the temperature or ruin the taste.
  • NO Expensive Patches or Gum that add Nicotine to your body.
  • NO Dangerous Drugs or prescriptions that might or not work.
  • NO Mystery Herbs or strange therapies that don’t work!
  • Manufactured under strict Quality Control and thoroughly researched.
  • Manufactured with highest quality materials that do not affect the function of the filter.
  • Manufactured with Class-A transparent plastic that will not cause any health issues.